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Watch Your 6

Template for a Productive Day

Research says that physically writing down items on a to-do list is more affective than typing the items into a digital list. Also, 6 seems to be somewhat of a magic number. Having more items than 6 can lead to feeling of being overwhelmed and can put you off from starting anything, which is the opposite of being motivated to be productive.

This template has a box for today's date, a place to add your name, 6 checkbox items for things you wish to accomplish and a space at the bottom for a verse or affirmation you wish to ponder on or memorize during your downtime today or times when you are stressed and need to regain your positive focus.

For days when you might not be feeling motivated to get ANYTHING done, writing down 6 things, big or small, gives you a much better chance at jump starting your day. The marking off of a checkbox is so very satisfying. Will you be able to mark off all 6? Maybe, maybe not. However, even if you only check off a few, you have already accomplished more than you would have tackled without the list. So, even if you don't complete all 6, you are already ahead for the day. At the end of the day, the list is discarded and a fresh list will be ready for you to plan your day tomorrow.

6 Plus 1 Daily Template
Download PDF • 20KB

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